•  The School uniform must be worn on all school days and at all school functions.
  •  Students must be punctual for assembly. Late comers and absentees should bring the late attendance and absence record duly signed by their parents.
  •  Leave of absence will be granted only on written applications from the parent or guardian. In case of long illness a medical certificate, fitness certificate should be produced
  •  Valuable jewellery must not be worn during school hours. Magazines, toys or other such articles should not be brought to school without prior permission.
  •  Exchange of articles or transactions between students are not allowed.
  •  Students are themselves responsible for their personal belongings, viz. books, writing materials, tiffin-boxes etc.
  •  Students are forbidden to write or scribble on the walls or furniture or damage any school material. Parent/Guardian will have to compensate for wilful damage done to school property.
  •  Parents must ensure that their kids do not bring money unless on written request from the school. Students are not allowed to purchase food from unauthorised dealers.
  •  Parents who wish to speak to the class teachers regarding the progress of their children shall do so only after getting prior appointment through the principal or the area in charges. Parents / Guardians shall not contact teachers directly for any complaints / enquires and may contact principal or the area incharges for all purposes.
  •  It is mandatory for the parents to attend the open sessions and for the collection of progress reports. Progress reports will be sent to the parents after every test or examination. Parents are requested to go through the reports carefully and return the same within 3 days, duly signed
  •  Parents are requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are followed.
    Please note that the rules are subject to modification in the interest of the
    student and the School.
  •  Politeness and courtesy are expected from the student. Every student is urged to maintain the high moral and spiritual standards set for the School by his / her manner and conduct. They are answerable to the School authorities for their conduct even outside the School.
  •  Parents/Guardians must ensure that no child remains in the school premises after 5:30 p.m unless instructed by school authorities.
  •  No student suffering from a contagious or infectious diseases shall be allowed to attend school.
  •  Parents and Guardians are requested to see that their children come to school neatly dressed. Boys should have short and decent hair cut. Girls should plait their hair using black ribbon or white ribbon as instructed.
  •  The School reserves the right to dismiss a student on grounds of irregular attendance, habitual lack of application, disobedience or disrespect to teachers, any-kind of malpractice or objectionable behavior not in keeping with the good tone inside the school premises or elsewhere.
  •  Parents should check the student diary daily, and ensure that the home works are done.
  •  Parents are requested to ensure that their kids bring the diary daily to the school
  •  Students will not be permitted to leave the campus during school hours. In case of emergency the parents must personally come and take permission to take the children.
  •  The schools/college have good playgrounds with all Indoor and Outdoor physical education facilities.